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Albus Severus, lost in the middle

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Name: Albus Severus Potter
Age / Year: 16/ 6
Birthday: May 10th
House: Slytherin
History And Upbringing

As a kid, Albus grew up in the shadow of his dad. He followed whatever his big brother did, and agreed with all his parent's values. Growing up a Potter after the second war meant that he was born with automatic friends (the Weasley children), and enemies. He was always close to his cousin, Rose, until they got to Hogwarts where things got complicated being in different houses. Victoire, however, is the cousin he feels closest to.
Current State Of Mind

Now that Albus is in school, his eyes are opening to new ideals and values that conflict with his parents'. He craves to be different than his family, to branch out. He wants to define himself without the title of Harry's son, but at the same time, he loves them. Albus has got his father's knack for getting in trouble and his mother's hotheadedness.
As his friends know, he's a Parseltongue. Something that he inherited from Harry, and has given his passage into The Chamber of Secrets. His first year at school, he went around whispering "Hello" & "Open" in Parseltongue to every knob, curtain, and statue that had a snake on it. His best friend is Scorpius Malfoy, followed close behind by Zander Cicero and Sabeena (Bean to him) Wood. He's the Seeker on the Slytherin Quiddich team, but he's very quick to tell you that Beater is his position. He is very interested in girls, and goes through crushes like crazy.
Role In The Plot

I imagine he's a sort of rebel without a cause. He's intelectual, and loves playing devil's advocate for the sheer challenge of arguing an unpopular point. Having never known the horrors of the Death Eaters, he sympathizes with their children. I don't see him starting anything, but if prompted, he'd fight.
He resents being left in the dark about the Genetic Manipulation situation so he tries as hard as he can to pick up any information about it. He eavesdrops on his parents' and family's conversations with the help of upgraded products of Fred and George's creation. Him and his cousin, Victoire are Secret-Sharers, as she likes to put it, and he's trying to get as many people as possible to confide what little they know about it to him.
Another thing, he doesn't like giving out information about it because deep down inside, he supports it. Not the Muggleborns dying part, but the part where they can save Squibs and let Muggleborns Wizards remain Muggles, in the world they were born into and belong.
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